Curley Marshall and Moore

The music that came out of the southern states of the US between the wars differed in style and substance but there were common origins and sharing of ideas. Songs were interpreted by musicians for different audiences across a vast landscape and a variety of musical traditions. From the melting pot of cultures in New Orleans, to the cotton fields of the Mississippi Delta, the mountains of Appalachia and the many burgeoning cities across the southern states, these songs became standards.

Pat Curley, John Marshall and Rob Moore are three seasoned musicians who have combined their love of Blues, Jazz and Roots music to keep these standards alive literally a world away from their birth place. It's not just an American music anymore though. These songs and these styles have infused popular culture all over the world. Listen keenly and you can hear the origins of rock and roll, jazz, soul, funk, disco, blues, country music, you name it, in everything these guys play.

Curley Marshall and Moore play around Hobart and southern Tasmania. To stay in touch and make sure that you don't miss their next gig jump on their Facebook page and have a look around.

Curley Marshall and Moore - St James Infirmary